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Player Development at Boland Junior Squash

We are committed the growth and development of young squash players at Boland Junior Squash. Our organisation believes in providing a supportive and nurturing environment that enables our juniors to flourish as both athletes and individuals.


Key Pillars of Player Development:

Skill Progression: Our development programs focus on a structured skill progression, allowing players to build a strong foundation and advance through various levels of expertise. From mastering basic techniques to refining advanced strategies, our players receive comprehensive training tailored to their current abilities.

Individualised Coaching: 

Each player is unique, and our coaching team, led by Richard Castle understands the importance of individualised attention. They work closely with juniors, identifying areas for improvement and designing personalised training plans to address specific needs and goals.

Mental Resilience:

Beyond physical skills, we emphasise the significance of mental resilience in squash. Our coaching team instills a positive and growth-oriented mindset, empowering our players to overcome challenges, stay focused under pressure, and maintain a strong self-belief.

Character Building: 

We are more than just a squash program; we are a community that values character development. Through the sport of squash, our players learn essential values such as sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork, which extend beyond the court and into their daily lives.

Long-Term Approach: 

Boland Junior Squash, under the guidance of Richard Castle is dedicated to nurturing long-term growth in our players. They believe in patience and perseverance, understanding that progress in squash, as in life, is a journey that requires commitment and dedication.

Achievements and Progress: 

We take pride in celebrating the achievements and progress of our junior players. With all our coaches’ expertise and mentorship, our players excel on the court and in tournaments. We are equally proud of the personal growth and positive influence they bring to our squash community.


Grassroots Development:

Junaid Gilfillan, a long-standing member of Paarl Squash Club, took it upon himself to initiate a development program for disadvantaged children in the greater Paarl area. In 2022, Junaid commenced the program with 13 enthusiastic youngsters on Saturday mornings. Among them, he quickly identified raw talent in six players. Recognising the potential, Junaid divided the children into two groups. The first group underwent accelerated training to refine their skills, while the second group focused on mastering the fundamentals of the sport. Notably, Kyle Ruiters, a member of the accelerated group, exhibited exceptional talent and was chosen to represent Boland at the IPT in July in East London, earning him his full provincial colors. Junaid's unwavering dedication to nurturing young talents in grassroots squash development led him to complete his foundation coach level qualification in his spare time.

Jonathan Just, in collaboration with Just Squash, actively contributes to three impactful programs:


From grassroots to veteran players, Jonathan and his team impart the fundamental skills of squash, cultivating an environment of excellence and enjoyment for the game. Moreover, they are committed to training new coaches who share the same passion for developing young talents.

Junior Mentor:

Empowering older junior players (grade 10-12) to give back to the sport, this program allows them to serve as mentors to primary school children, becoming influential role models in their lives.

Young Bud:

Our holiday club program brings together kids from various communities in the area for engaging sports and cultural activities, creating a positive environment for personal development.
Gerrit, in partnership with Jonathan, has initiated an Inter-Primary School League in the Paarl area. This exciting league aims to expand its reach to other regions within Boland, nurturing a healthy competitive spirit among young players.

At Boland Junior Squash, we are proud to support and be part of these remarkable grassroots initiatives, building a brighter future for young squash enthusiasts across our community.

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