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The Guardian

Coming Soon: Introducing The Guardian

Empowering Safeguarding in Boland Junior Squash
We're thrilled to announce an upcoming launch that will revolutionize child safety in our squash community. Boland Junior Squash, in collaboration with Squash South Africa, is proud to present The Guardian - a groundbreaking safeguarding program and anonymous reporting app for young squash players.
In an effort to combat victimization, bullying, and any form of misconduct, The Guardian aims to provide a safe space for our junior athletes to speak up. We understand that reporting such incidents often carries a stigma, but we want to make it abundantly clear: it's okay to speak out, and we are here to listen.
The Guardian is a powerful tool that ensures the well-being and protection of not only minor squash players but also minors facing challenges from adults. By offering a secure and confidential platform, we hope to foster a culture of trust, accountability, and transparency within our squash community.
With The Guardian, coaches, athletes, and all individuals associated with Boland Junior Squash can take a proactive stance against any form of misconduct. We believe that by empowering our players to raise their voices, we can create a safe and inclusive environment where every child can thrive.
Stay tuned for the official launch of The Guardian on 1 August 2023, as we continue our mission to champion the welfare of our junior squash players. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the voice of every child is heard. Let's stand united against any form of victimization and bullying.

The Guardian - coming soon!

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